Our story

Our story is short.

In fact, Country Rap Report didn’t even exist in 2020; but neither did legit media for the genre with our professional points of views.

Spank dove into the deep end of Country Rap when he went to work for Mako Music group in late-October of 2020. Spank returned to Georgia in November. While there, he kept in constant communication with Vic XL. Through their research they realized that most of the entities that were presenting themselves as “media” were opinion based or reactors to/for the elite. Upon realizing this, they began devising a plan to (1) bring about structure to the genre, (2) provide industry level consultations and advice via their 60+ years of combined experiences in Hip Hop and (3) give unbiased critique to everyone in the genre, from the top artist to the lower level beginners.

Initially the show began when Vic XL started making solo Country Rap Report news segments on Youtube (episodes 1 & 2). After a few episodes, and as time permitted, Spank joined in with the tag-team effort to report on what was being presented by the artist in the genre to the fans; this is the current inception of the Country Rap Report was born. Now the show specializes in bringing consulting style advice to e every single video that they critique.  

The team brought in a professional social media marketer, the Domestic Diva (Spank’s wife), to upgrade the appearance and branding of the show and to manage the day-to-day of the show (episode 51).

Our values

Here’s the thing…

If you have not watched a single show then this will come as a shock to you… We actually love Hip Hop.

When we saw that this genre felt similar to other pockets of Hip Hop in the past and it is on the cusp of growing to the masses, we knew we had to be a part of it in some way.

With our passion for helping others and our unending motivation to “never shut up”; we felt that this media better suited us because we didn’t have to “sell out” in order to speak our peace. We are still able to give advice at least 3x a week while entertaining everyone watching. We still get to help unsigned and unseen artist be seen and heard and possibly construct some sort of career around their efforts.

We couldn’t do this for everyone if we were tied to a label.

We NEED to be able to be ourselves without any edits, without any reservations or biases.

When that happens, we are no longer the Country Rap Report, we are someone’s puppet.

“Nah fam, that shit ain’t happening” ~Spank

Let's work together!